Irene Lupi


A Way of drawing a site an glass

A Way of drawing a site an glass

By means of sessions on drawing, the students gain the freedom to portray what they see in front of them through a pane of plexiglass using a method that Leonardo Da Vinci recommended for young painters in his “A Treatise on Painting.” Children in this case use their own expressive abilities to create something personal, helped in some way by the words of Leonardo. After an introductory explanation of the “tracing reality” technique to be used, the elementary school students from the 2nd and 3rd grade find themselves in the proper position to look out at the view through a window, the same view they will then reproduce on paper through tracing, which in turn serves as the base to which colors will be added.

“ Take a piece of glass as large as a real sheet of paper, and fix it securely before your eyes, that is, between the eye and the thing you wish to portray; then stand with your eye two thirds of an arm’s length away from said glass, and steady your head with an instrument so that you cannot move it at all. Next, close or cover one eye, and mark with your pen or pencil upon the glass all that is visible from the other side, and then polish the glass with paper, sprinkle powder on it over good paper, and paint it, if you wish, making good use of the aerial perspective. ”

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