Irene Lupi



Site-specific installation, exhibitors, pharmacy counter, advertising material, pharmacist, informational material.
Courtesy: Casa Masaccio Arte Contemporanea

This project is the result of a deep reflection on Europe from a sociopolitical viewpoint, arising from the desire to move past the perhaps naive do-gooder attitude that envisions a union of countries engaged in mutual dialogue beyond their borders and their differing religions, cultures, and traditions.

These concepts have been pushed to surreal extreme consequences in an installation reminiscent of the interior of a pharmacy having as its fulcrum the white and blue Eurolit pill a composite of scientifically studied tranquilizers and mood stabilizers, with a contribution from the historic Sansoni Pharmacy in San Giovanni Valdarno, in order to eliminate identity related problems. A single dose is enough to make people European for the rest of their lives, now that they are rid of a sense of identity. The chosen logo refers to the mythological episode in which Zeus turns himself into a white bull in order to seduce Euope, from whom the European lineage was subesequently born. The yellow of the cap recalls the stars on the European flag, as does the tone of blue. The slogan of the pharmacological stylistic element is “EUROLIT, to become European!”

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