Irene Lupi


Guido Lisi

Aluminium Dibond photo, 170×150 cm, soundtrack 6’41” mp4, headphones

Guido Lisi is a partisan who told me one day how he disguised himself as a woman in order to make his way safely back to the hideout of his companions in the woods. In 1944, Guido was seventeen years old. Helped by a dispatcher named Mina Biagini, he decided to adopt what might seem a flashy method to remain unseen while crossing the Nazi-Fascist front that controlled San Gimignano.

I asked him today to recreate in every detail the figure he minutely described to me, right down to the turban, the earrings, the “flaming red” lipstick, the wedge-heeled shoes… And most of all the handbag containing a pistol and hand grenades. Returning to the same spot in San Gimignano where Guido set off from, we shot a series of photos with great impact in terms of memory. The life-style photo is shown with a 4 minute soundtrack recording of the partisan retelling this episode.

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