Irene Lupi


News From Nowhere

video 8’41’’

The video was conceived to be used by one person at a time who could watch this little cosmos using a crack in the door as a peephole. This manner of presentation creates a period of waiting, which is motivated by the desire to perceive what is concealed beyond the immediately visible. The microcosm suggests that Utopia, the ideal place, the pleasant island portrayed by Sir Thomas More, is not as remote as one might think. In this documentary, I filmed the flow of life of a ninety-year-old man, Mario, while he works his land as he has always done since he was a boy. The viewer comes away with the impression that, today, a certain lifestyle might be only Utopian, but the encounter with people like this teaches how the simplicity of certain moments and the availability of materials is far simpler and more natural than a world based on the economy and on commerce.