Irene Lupi



video, 17’55”

According to data from ISTAT—the National Institute of Statistics—there are 161.4 elderly people for every 100 young people in the population of Italy. In the region of Tuscany, this figure rises to 195,4. A meeting point between the two worlds can be found through sonorities that unite the different generations: techno music for teenagers and stories of Partisan resistance for older people. The work is made up of the production of ten 12- inch vinyl discs entitled Fünfhundertsechzig, (560 in German), which is the number of victims of the massacre in Sant’Anna di Stazzema. The sound component is elaborated by sound engineer/composer (JQR sound).
Each side of the vinyl has a video as well, choreographed by choreographer Pietro Pireddu. e tracks are the results of live recordings of sounds from the agricultural life lived today by a partisan, remixed so as to become electronic dubstep music.

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