Irene Lupi


Open Space

Personal archive material, documents, books, newspaper clippings, variable dimensions

The idea here is to enable the viewer to perceive the mental process through which I came to create the video. In order to underline the associative links between one document and another, I used a line as a sort of mental interconnection, and, once these links were included in my exploration into the theme of memory, I held workshops at Montemaggio (with young people coming from all over the world, especially from Germany), I decided to ideally invite the ten people taking part that year. During two weeks of work in the middle of a forest, we had daily discussions on collective and personal memory and on the dynamics that transform events into memories. Participants were asked to come up with a concept, to develop it without stylistic pretensions, and then to present it to the others with all relevant argumentation so as to prompt debate. Photos and concepts from this experience went on to become the branching o of this outline made up of documents, books and objects as a constant work in progress.

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