Irene Lupi



video 4’37”

The work GSP comprises the transformation into sound of three works from the Casa Masaccio Contemporary Art Collection and from the rap narration of a critique as performed live by the Manticore, a crew of young local rappers. The three works taken into consideration, on three different temporal levels, are Remo Gardeschi’s 1959 painting La Periferia , Gianni Pettena’s Dialogo Pettena- Arnolfo installation at Palazzo D’Arnolfo, and Mauro Staccioli’s 1996 installation Corso Italia , which invaded the main street of the town of San Giovanni Valdarno. The common denominator uniting these works is the dialogue they created with their locations, the premise I chose to use as a starting point to develop a relationship that went beyond an interpretation that might be offered by an expert in the field.
I asked local young rappers to set to music their own critique of the works as they perceived those artistic projects. The musical base grew directly from the works of the collection, which were trasformed by special softward into sound and then elaborated by a sound engineer (Alessandro Ielo, JQR Sound).



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