Irene Lupi


Sound Workshop

Workshop created thanks to the Casa Masaccio Museum, curated by Serena Trinchero, along with the Artistic Lyceum of Montevarchi (AR), 2019

This educational workshop lays out an approach for first encounters and/or more in-depth exploration for middle and high-school students within the sphere of contempoary art. Participants create personal re-elaborations, experimenting with new languages thanks to the collaboration of teachers and artists Irene Lupi and Elisabetta Senesi, called in by the Museum in the area of developing an educational program with the direct involvement of young artists working within the region.

The intention of the workshop is to introduce new generations to the language of contemporary art and, at the same time, to involve students in activities that provide new perspectives from which to understand today’s reality.
Visits led by Irene Lupi teach participants about the history of the Museum and its activities, and provide cues to prompt further investigation during the workshops in sound creation with Elisabetta Senesi. These workshops include photography as well as perception of the sounds that surround us, making specific references to public spaces, buildings, objects, and works of art.

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