Irene Lupi


Apples Pears, Apples Pears, Bananas

This chant is crucial in attracting customers, making all the difference when the stand is surrounded by other vendors competing in the same marketplace. 4×4 m. market stand installation, fruit, vegetables, wooden crates, plastic awning, bread, natural products, steel supports, vendors, medicinal herbs,

I interpret the literal meaning of Suq—the market- place throughout the Arab world—creating inside an institute of contemporary art a true-to-life fruit and vegetable market, drawing upon the neighborhood market of the district of Florence called Le Cure. Ciro, one of the many greengrocers working within the market, is a twenty-five-year-old man originally from Naples. I worked alongside him every morning for a week. He, in turn, came to the inaugural day, bringing along his produce to the exhibition space of Ex 3. Wasting no time in selling his goods, he created a syncope in that which may be considered art and, consequently, its value within the art market.

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