Irene Lupi


Reflections #1

Reflections Workshop #1 led by Irene Lupi, Jonida Xherry at Casa Masaccio on the ocassion the “Come sè” exhibition, 2014

This educational workshop set up a meeting juncture between students and contemporary art through dialogue and an exchange of ideas, using as its starting point the permanent collection, the issues addressed, and the poetics contained within the temporary exhibitions, all at Casa Masaccio. Specifically we began with the “Come sé” (“As Themselves”) exhibition underway, curated by Arabella Natalini and Elena Magini. The workshop included a guided visit to the temporary exhibition along with an analysis of the works presented through a cognitive pathway of reflection and interaction.

The participants were asked to activate processes of creativity and personal expression, experimenting with new methods and languages, and to interpret artistic communication as an authentic tool for conveying the sentiments, emotions, and conflicts of every age. Through the language of art, the indivual learns, understands, and communicates. Works created during the workshop were shown within the same exhibition as a consequence of the work in progress. Formally, the experience ended with a self-portrait in the mirror, following a reflection on this notion, picking up on the theme of the exhibition on images of self, with a consequent emotional map on which each participant attached his or her thoughts in reference to the works freshly seen in the exposition.

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