Irene Lupi


Heraldic Banner

Workshop led by Irene Lupi, II CAMPO DELLA PACE, 2018

This workshop was held within II Campo della Pace (the Field of Peace) of the Naturfreundejugend Württemberg, an association headquartered in Stuttgart.

I proposed the creation of a banner to visually represent the union of people coming from different countries who, gathering together to reflect on issues inherent in Sant’Anna di Stazzema and in Stuttgart (from which the order for the massacre originated), might recognize and be recognized during the commemoration on 12 August. The flag designed, and physically sewn and glued by all the participants shows Europe in blue, the innocence of the twelve children (portrayed in a historic photo of Sant’Anna di Stazzema) in the figures stylized in yellow, and our overlapping hands that form a dove, the symbol of human rights. The warning phrase “Never again Sant’Annas” is written in the colors of the rainbow and is translated into German.

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