Irene Lupi


Interferences, a Country For Young People

Workshop led by Irene Lupi, Culture Attive, San Gimignano (SI), 2015

Interferences is a true laboratory of artistic creation set up for, and together with, young people. Through active participation in the artistic and creative process, young people had the chance to experiment with alternative pathways to knowledge and were given the opportunity to discover their own aptitudes and interests. The workshop further proved an important tool in reconstructing a direct relationship with their home territory not only as a physical space but also as a social space; it turned into a way for them to become authors of their own city and not merely passive subjects. Through face-to-face encounters, four young people between 14 and 18 years of age faced the memory of their young lives in relation to their own families.
The fragile construction made from bamboo sticks, cable ties, and carboard became the container of the works created by the students. Formally, two cellphone-made videos were created, along with a diary-form narration, small aluminum sculptures, and photographs. Everything was then presented during Nottilucente 2015 in a truly collective work.

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